How to Set or Disable Linux Mint Update Notifications

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Software update notifications on Linux Mint are annoying. Especially if it always appears on the screen. Do you feel “obsessed” with the thought of updating the software or not? Whatever problem you’re complaining about, customizing or disabling update notifications in Linux Mint is actually pretty easy. Let’s look at the article below.

Update Notifications in Linux Mint

The system in Lnux Mint will automatically display a prompt on the screen if the user does not regularly update the available software. This feature has actually been around for a long time, starting from version 20.2 Uma. In particular, by default, the update manager (Update Manager) will automatically display a prompt about available kernels. And also security related updates, if you don’t apply the update after 15 days.

In general, regularly updating new versions, including security patches and critical kernel upgrades, is essential to ensure system security. But many also think that the update notification feature is very annoying, even reminiscent of the behavior of forcing users to update Microsoft systems on Windows 10.

Did you know that you can actually completely control how notifications are displayed. Or can even turn off the feature completely if you want.

How to Configure Linux Mint Update Notifications

First of all, launch the Update Manager update manager from the taskbar or from the applications menu.

Next, open the Preferences window by clicking Edit > Preferences.

How to Set or Disable Linux Mint Update Notifications

Notice at the bottom of the Preferences window, you can adjust the configuration in the Notifications section.

Here, you can customize the number of days notifications are shown, log logs, and even schedule notifications to show. In addition, you can also set how long Update Manager will wait since the latest update is applied. Before showing you any notification. For all the options mentioned above, the fastest period you can adjust is 2 days.

But if you want to keep receiving notifications about any form of updates, turn off the option “Only Show Notifications for Security and Kernel Updates”.

How to turn off Linux Mint update notifications

The easiest way to completely avoid on-screen update notifications is to disable Update Manager from starting automatically. Just for your information, that doesn’t mean you won’t receive updates at all or that you won’t be able to use Update Manager as before. It’s just that you won’t see any notifications and Update Manager won’t appear in the taskbar until you manually launch it.

Look in the application menu, access the item “Sessions & Startup” (also known as Startup Applications).

How to Set or Disable Linux Mint Update Notifications 2

Next open the Session & Startup window, click on the “Application Autostart” tab. Then look for the “Update Manager (Linux Mint Update Manager)” option by scrolling down in the application list. Please uncheck.

How to Set or Disable Linux Mint Update Notifications 3

When you boot the system, Update Manager will no longer launch automatically. That way the update notification will no longer appear automatically on the screen. You can re-enable it simply by re-enabling the “Update Manager (Linux Mint Update Manager” option from the Update Manager in Session & Startup.

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