How to Record a Video on a Windows PC Screen

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record your PC screen with Windows bar

Now there are many special software available for effective PC screen recording, such as Camtasia, Camstudio, Bandicam, and so on. An application allows you to easily save your activities on your computer screen. You can follow the following article to find out how to do video recording software on a PC screen.

There are actually so many reasons to record your computer screen. If you want to record your computer screen while playing games, you may want to record video on your computer via webcam to keep your action on the side in addition.

Many video recording software for computer and laptop screens that you can choose from. Such as: Bandicam, Camtasia Studio, and others. For more details, follow the content below to see the advantages and disadvantages of this software.

List of screen recording software

  1. ActivePresenter

The first screen recorder is ActivePresenter. Apart from the video recording function, ActivePresenter also has video and audio editing functions to give us the perfect video.

  1. Camstudio

One of the advantages of CamStudio is Free. In addition to the convenience of recording computer screen operations. This aplication is also a screen recording software which is very liked by many users. Because you can choose from a variety of recording and recording modes to create the highest quality video. CamStudio also integrates video editing tools like adding text, notes, inserting audio to video.

  1. Camtasia Studio

Camtasia Studio is also the software that many people trust today. It’s not only captures screen videos but also supports many video editing features such as entering text, zooming in, zooming out. It is suitable for making video tutorials.

  1. OBS Studio

It is often seen as a video streaming software rewritten from the OBS Classic program with many new features such as support for multiple platforms. It also comes with a more robust set of API features. The software has additional filters for video sources to create sharp images, noise removal tools, error correction in Windows 10. As well as a variety of dark and light themes to choose from.

  1. Bandicam

According to user reviews, of the many screen recording applications, Bandicam is one of the best. Use Bandicam to help you record every action, sound and vivid image as you game without affecting game speed.

How to record your PC screen with Windows bar

The first thing you have to do is press Windows key + G on your computer keyboard simultaneously to launch the Windows game bar. Keep in mind that you can only record screens of apps or games that you have open in the foreground, and not a typical desktop. When you open the app, everything that happens on it will be recorded.

record your PC screen with Windows bar

Next, go to the Broadcast and capture section which will appear in the upper right corner, and in it click the record screen button which will appear with a circle. If this window or section does not appear, you will need to activate it in the main bar that appears at the top in the middle of the screen.

record your PC screen with Windows bar 2

Once you start recording, you’ll be able to see what’s currently being recorded on the Xbox Social screen, where a counter will appear with the recorded time. Here you can also activate the microphone if you want. Press at the bottom of the screen or the app behind it to exit the middle of the game bar and enter the game or app.

When you stop recording, a screen appears indicating that the game clip has been recorded. If you click on that screen, you will go to the folder where it has been saved or the video so you can do whatever you want with it.

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