How to Quickly and Beautifully Capture Entire Webpages in Chrome

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Capturing an entire webpage in Chrome has many ways to do it. Similar to when you choose how to take a screenshot of your computer screen. We can take pictures with the keyboard on the computer or use some of the photography tools available in Windows 10 such as the Snipping Tool, Snip Editor.

However, the options above will only capture the area of ​​the screen or capture the screen you have access to. If you want to capture an entire web page from top to bottom in Chrome, do so in the two ways below. Immediately use the features available in the browser or install additional extensions. The following article will walk you through how to capture full webpage images in Chrome.

How to take full webpage image in Chrome with GoFullPage

  • Users download the GoFullPage utility by following the link below and then proceed with the installation as usual.
    GoFullPage – Full Page Screen Capture
  • After installing the utility as usual. The user opens the website they want to take a picture of the entire website. Then click on the utility camera icon in the browser address bar.
  • Soon the tool will proceed to fetch images of the entire webpage in Chrome. When the capture is complete, it will switch to a new interface with a top-to-bottom image of the website and a few other options for photos.
  • To edit the image, click the Edit button. In the editing interface, you will have several tools for drawing images into images, inserting stickers. We can add these 2 contents to the image.

Note that after editing you can download the image. But you have to register and try it within 7 days.

  • Returning to the web page image interface, we can download the image as a PNG or PDF file. If you want to change the image format again, click the gear icon.

Switching to the settings interface will have a few settings to change, such as switching to the JPG image format.

Instructions for taking website photos on Chome

Step 1:

First of all, you need to open the website where you want to take a full screen image in Chrome. Next, press the F12 key combination to open the Inspect interface in the browser.

In the interface shown on the right of the screen, we click the Toggle device toolbar icon to display the web page resolution bar.

Step 2:

Immediately at the top of the website interface, a resize bar is displayed. The user enters the size for the web page to be displayed. It is recommended that you enter large sizes for horizontal and vertical web pages for easier viewing when saving images.

Step 3:

Once we have selected the size for the website screenshot, we press Ctrl + Shift + P to open a command window in Chrome.

In the sidebar above enter the keyword Capture. Then click the Capture full size screenshot section as shown below to choose to capture the entire content of the open website.

Step 4:

You wait for Chrome to load the content and take a screenshot. Then display the folder on the computer with the image name as the website name and fill in the title for the website that is opened. Images are saved as png by default. Click Save to save.

As a result, we open the image and see the entire retrieved website content as shown below. Since the image is saved in large size, we can easily zoom in or out without destroying the image or blurring the text.

Very easy isn’t it?! No need to use other supporting tools. You can fully capture the entire content of a website directly in Chrome. After taking the photo, use photo editing software to correct the image if desired.

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