How to disable the facial recognition feature on Facebook

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Face detection on Facebook is one feature that is its main attraction. Even though, the performance of facial recognition is not always correct. Because of that, the main reason why some people don’t like him that much. So they prefer to turn off facial recognition on Facebook which they find uncomfortable. You can refer to the instructions below and follow the instructions.

The facial recognition feature provided by Facebook will help in confirming the identity of the user to avoid fake accounts. This tool was previously integrated with the largest social network in the world by default and cannot be changed by the user. However, due to legal regulations, user privacy concerns, Facebook now provides options for users to manage this feature. We can now control whether our Facebook allows us to recognize faces or not.

How to turn off the facial recognition feature on Facebook

Quick Guide:
Access Settings & privacy function -> Settings -> Face recognition -> Continue to disable this function.

Detailed instructions:

First of all you need to update the Facebook app to the latest version to be able to perform the same steps as instructed below.

Step 1: In the main interface of the Faceobook application, you select the 3 lines icon.

Faceobook application

Step 2: Next you choose to go to Settings & privacy -> Select next to Settings located just below.

Settings & privacy

Step 3: Scroll down to the Privacy section and select the line Face Recognition.

Privacy section

To turn off facial recognition on Facebook, navigate to and click: Would you like Facebook to be able to recognize yourself in photos and videos? -> Tap No to turn off this Facebook feature.

So the above article has completed the instructions for you how to turn off facial recognition on Facebook. Easy enough, right? If you want to re-enable this feature, you can refer to how to install facial recognition on Facebook to do so.

Hopefully all of the steps above were successful.

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