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Google search is a daily necessity for many people. And of course image search on google also requires a little ‘notes’ which in this article I want to share with you. Although this is a basic tip, but hopefully it can help a lot of people.

Every image content you search on Google has a tool item (Tools). Which allows you to sort the results, based on the above tools including:

Photo size
Image style
Time to take pictures
Right of Use

The Tools section will be located under the Google search box after the search, on the right hand side.

Image Size (Size)

If you are looking for high quality and Size images, you select Tools – select Size and select Large. Because by default Google will display the full size. Of course, depending on your needs. Whether you need a large, small, or medium image to choose from Small (or Icon), Medium or Large.

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When you click on the image, you will also see the image dimensions (pixels). Usually choosing a large size is 1000px or more.

Search PNG images quickly

With the color section, the most important type is Transparent. At this point Google will display the image in PNG file format (no background). So you can easily drag and drop into Photoshop or save. For different editing needs.

google image search 3

So you no longer need to search for every PNG image, just select the Color section and select Transparent to finish.


The Type section will be suitable for those of you who are looking for images for design needs. Here you can sort by Clip Art shape or Line for example.

google image search 4

You can also find the GIF format if you are looking for animation.

Usage rights

google image search 5

Those who need images to post on social networks, or somewhere in the community. You should also pay attention to this section Usage Rights. Here are 2 options for you:

  • Creative Commons license – Images sorted by this item, when used, it is necessary to extract the source name from the owner. For example, if a photo was designed by Party A, or taken by Party B. Source names A or B must be cited.
  • Commercial & other licenses – Images are sorted according to this section. Users can freely use, no need to extract the source.

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