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Writer Android Hit 1,710 Hit Date 19-03-24 21:10
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  • Penguins 3D Pro Live Wallpaper
  • $0.99 FREE
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  • Absolutely realistic 3D Arctic environment inhabited by amusing penguins!
  • 4.5

For easy launch on latest Android devices (or any other) , please use "Live Wallpaper Shortcut" app or official Google "Wallpapers" app. It will bring live wallpapers menu in one click.

The most beautiful nature 3D live wallpaper on Google Play for your phone or tablet! Absolutely realistic Arctic environment in full 3D inhabited by realistic, but amusing penguins will bring alive your phone screen! All the animals are animated and look totally real!
In Pro version you have also animated camera with impressive visuals slowly floating near penguins, choice between day and night lighting and some settings to play with.

If you want to keep updated, leave your suggestions or requests or just "Like" visit me at Facebook

PENGUINS 3D Pro made with OPEN GL 2.0 and optimized to consume low resources and also not to drain your battery.
Installation: The main screen (long press) → Live Wallpaper →PENGUINS 3d Pro
Please, rate!
On some devices the first loading can be a little bit slow, just give it half minute.

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