Windows 11 Leak Reveals a Completely New Interface

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Not long ago, screenshots of the release of Microsoft’s next major operating system, Windows 11, leaked on the web. Shows what the company’s CEO calls the “biggest update” in a decade. Windows 11 replacing Windows 10 will have an impressive new user interface. With ideas heavily borrowed from Windows 10X.

Currently, ISO Windows 11 Pro Build 21996.1 has also been released and users have already seen the upcoming Windows operating system. The setup process confirms the Windows 11 name and suggests that Microsoft will continue to use the Home and Pro SKUs. The build appears to be doing its last update on May 30th. So it’s possible that the OS will have a lot of changes since then.

The build is activated using the Windows 8.1 Volume Licensing MAK license. Windows 11 has a different built-in theme. It looks pretty cool, and dark mode works just as well as the latest version of Windows 10. Windows 10 drivers and apps work by getting a copy of the build as Windows 10. There’s also a weird page in settings called Device Usage that seems to register for targeted ads.

desktop windows 11

The Start Menu in Windows 11 is now centered, with static icons, and doesn’t support Windows 10’s typical Live Tiles. Even the appearance of the Taskbar has changed, as icons no longer float to the left. window. You may also recognize the new blue Start Menu icon, which is reminiscent of the new Microsoft logo. Additionally, the list of notable changes includes a new search box, power button at the bottom right of the Start area, and a completely new Task View icon.

This is just the first look of Windows 11 from the leaked images. Microsoft will be holding a virtual event on June 24 to officially announce Windows 11. Windows Insiders will be the first to test the operating system before it rolls out to all users later this fall. While the leaked build provides some information about the upcoming changes, there’s still a lot we don’t know. As to whether there will be a 21H2 version of Windows 10 and the update lifecycle, and what the support will be like.

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