Why Should You Restart Your Phone Everyday?

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You’re using your phone to do your work and have noticed it started to run slowly and even crashed. You can easily fix minor problems on your phone by restarting it.

There are a number of reasons why your phone is slow or crashing. This can be a symptom of a hardware problem, sometimes a malfunctioning application running in the background.

Most applications meet these criteria, but not all. We all have an app or two that hasn’t been updated in a while, but still install and use it. For the most part, these apps won’t have any problems. Google keeps apps running on old and new versions of Android (which can’t be too old, of course). However, your device doesn’t just work for one app.

You may have heard the term “memory leak” and this happens to applications more often than you think. If it happens to an application that has permission to stay active. That application will consume all of the machine’s resources until everything is normal. It won’t stop until you uninstall or fix the error, but you can intervene by rebooting the machine on a daily basis.

When the phone reboots, the device forces everything running in the background to have a fresh reboot. It also does some other important things like deleting and reallocating the VRAM your GPU uses. Removing the fake file system used to keep tabs on running hardware, and restarting the real wireless radio. When you power off, anything that is not needed to allow the phone to reboot is not powered up and is discarded.

Restarting phone will clear bad data and free memory from malfunctioning apps without any other bad effect on running system, such as “memory manager” app only Get rid of apps you don’t use when you press the button.

If you have identified exactly what application is active on your phone, you can go to settings and force stop that application. But if not, the best you can do is take 60 seconds and restarting your phone every morning improves the situation.

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