What is The ‘Fate’ of Android Emulators on PC When Windows 11 is Released?

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What is The Fate of Android Emulators on PC When Windows 11 is Released

During the Windows 11 launch event on June 24, Microsoft announced Windows 11 would come with Android app support. This can push commonly used Android emulators today. Such as Nox, LDPlayer, BlueStacks to the “thousands of pounds hanging hair” position.

Windows 11 has received rave reviews from everywhere, and that’s understandable. The next-generation Windows operating system features a new design, along with a number of useful new features. One of them is the ability to run Android applications directly on the computer. That’s right, the next version of Windows will let you download and run Android apps just like you would on your Android device. Microsoft’s plan is to want Windows to be an open platform. But at the same time, Android support on Windows 11 will be a threat to current Android emulators like BlueStacks, Nox Player, LDPlayer and so on.

For years, Android emulators like Nox, BlueStacks, LDPlayer or MEmu have been used to run Android apps and games on Windows. However, Windows 11 will be able to run Android apps directly without installing additional software.

However, running Android apps directly on Windows 11 computers is not what Microsoft announced during the launch event. In fact, it’s not even close to what most of us imagine.

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How To Use Android Apps on Windows 11

To use Android apps on Windows 11, you have to sideload the app (the process of installing apps from an external source). That is downloading applications from the Microsoft Store, but in fact transactions will be made through the Amazon Appstore. In more detail, you go to the Android section of the Microsoft Store to download the app. But the download button is Get from Amazon Appstore. This also means you need an Amazon account to do so.

Many users doubt the ability of Windows 11 to support Android apps because the number of apps in the Amazon store is not even the same as the number of apps on the Google Play Store. According to circulating information, Windows 11 only supports applications from the Amazon store. Does not provide some features such as Multi-instance, keymapping, macros and does not support installing APK files. Emulator developers think that their software will not only compete well with Microsoft, but will actually perform better.

According to the announcement, in order for Android applications to run on Windows 11, Microsoft has partnered with Intel and uses Intel Bridge technology. According to Intel, the combination of Windows 11 and Intel technologies and platforms provides unprecedented performance, compatibility, and experience on Windows. Windows 11 will provide a wider selection of applications with a better experience over time.

It’s not yet known how Android apps running on Windows 11 PCs will handle notifications, data synchronization, or other important functions that Android users love. And it’s still too early to predict the future of the Android Emulator until Windows 11 is officially launched. But maybe Android emulator developers also need to prepare it first at this time.

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