TikTok Automatically Creates Subtitles for Videos

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In an effort to make it easier for users to access their video social network. TikTok recently announced that it will launch automatic subtitles for videos. This is especially useful for anyone watching a video who has difficulty or discomfort hearing sound.

Recently, in the TikTok application, the automatic captioning feature appeared on the edit page after the video was uploaded or returned. The creator also has the option to edit the captions of the auto-generated subtitles. If they come across content or words that don’t make sense. As well as the option to turn off subtitles.

Automatic texting has been emphasized more and more over the years. More and more services, software integrates these capabilities to make content easier to access. Last month, Google brought Live Caption to Chrome, which allows users to automatically generate real-time subtitles for media with audio in the browser. Video calling services like Zoom and Google Meet can automatically generate subtitles while a call is in progress. While Instagram seems to be testing a similar feature for its videos too.


Tiktok has supported automatic texting, you update to the latest version to experience:

TikTok’s automatic captioning was initially only available in English and Japanese. But the company will add other languages ​​in the coming months. TikTok says this is not the first feature they have introduced users to improve the app’s accessibility. Other features include thumbnail animation, notifying content creators when they are creating videos with effects likely to produce photosensitive epilepsy (photosensitive epilepsy), and features that convert text into speech.

TikTok continues to add many new features to the app. This includes introducing the ability to build a healthy and user-friendly video sharing platform. Such a feature allows creators to filter comments and warn users to rethink making comments that are “inappropriate or inappropriate”.

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