Self-Destructive Messages on WhatsApp

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Self-Destructive Messages on WhatsApp

WhatsApp has confirmed the launch of self-destructive messages. As a form of privacy concern for its users, Whatsapp adds an extra layer of security. And the self-destructive message will only be available for 7 days. This is a useful feature and you can easily send self-destructive messages on WhatsApp as instructed in the following article.

The self-destruct message option on WhatsApp has been circulating widely since November last year. Finally after a year, the company owned by Facebook officially announced the feature. Users can send self-destructive messages on WhatsApp by enabling the feature. Once activated, self-destruct messages sent in chats disappear after 7 days.

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Messages that you have previously sent or received in the conversation won’t be affected. In private chats, users can activate or deactivate self-destructive messages. In group chats, only group administrators can enable or disable this feature. Here’s how to send self-destructive messages on WhatsApp.

Instructions for sending self-destructive messages on WhatsApp

How to activate the self-destruct message feature on WhatsApp

  • Open the WhatsApp chat.
  • Tap the contact name.
    Select Lost Message> Continue if prompted.
  • Choose Life.

How to turn off the self-destruct message feature on WhatsApp

  • Open the WhatsApp chat.
  • Tap the contact name.
    Select Lost Message> Continue if prompted.
  • Select Off.

A few notes when using WhatsApp self-destruct message

There are a few things you need to know when using the WhatsApp auto-shredder:

  • If the recipient doesn’t check WhatsApp for 7 days, the message will be automatically deleted. However, the preview may still appear in the person’s notification.
  • If you reply to a self-destructive message, the text quote may remain in the conversation after 7 days.
  • A self-destruct message that is forwarded to the chat which does not trigger a self-destruct message, the message will not be lost in that conversation.
  • And if the user creates a backup before the self-destruct message disappears, a self-destruct message will appear on the backup. Self-destructive messages are deleted when users restore from backup.

When this feature comes out, you can easily activate self-destruct messages with just a few simple steps as shared above. Don’t forget to install the latest version of WhatsApp to use this feature.

Also in some cases if you send the wrong message but are afraid the recipient will receive it. You can see instructions on how to delete Whatsapp messages before the recipient reads them so they are not detected.

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