Microsoft Releases Visual Studio 2022

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Microsoft Releases Visual Studio 2022

So according to the set plan, Microsoft has just officially announced Visual Studio 2022. Accompanying it is the first public preview to be released this summer. As confirmed by Amanda Silver, who made an announcement at Microsoft’s DevBlogs, the next official version of this top development kit is sure to be “faster, more accessible and lighter”.

First, it must be said that one of the most important innovations in Visual Studio 2022 is the move to the 64-bit application platform. Indeed, Microsoft is pushing 64-bit at scale, and now Visual Studio is joining the revolution.

The main advantage of 64-bit applications is that they are not limited to 4GB RAM. So this new release will allow Visual Studio to have unlimited access to all RAM on your PC. This will result in a much better overall performance, and the memory problem will be completely fixed as well.

What’s New in Visual Studio 2022

In addition, the new version of Visual Studio will also come with updated icons that are easier to recognize and understand. Along with that is the ability to support the new Cascadia Code fonts that Microsoft introduced in the Windows Terminal, a new product theme. And in particular the ability to integrate with Accessibility Insights to help developers better address accessibility-related issues.

Visual Studio 2022

In addition, in this new version, Microsoft is also trying to make it easier to customize the user experience with Visual Studio. With the installation package for the IDE and the ability to sync (or not) installs between devices.

As for application creation capabilities, Visual Studio 2022 will be well compatible with Azure, .NET 6, and C ++ 20 resources. This includes full support for the integrated frameworks in .NET 6 and others. Things like a Multi-platform Application UI (MAUI) which can be used to build apps for Windows, Android, macOS, and iOS.

Other improvements include better performance for the core debugger, support for text chat in Live Share sessions, more features for the IntelliCode engine, better code search, and preferred asynchronous collaboration. With new logic regarding commit execution and viewing pull requests from platforms like GitHub.

Microsoft also says it’s “refreshing” Visual Studio for Mac, switching to the native macOS user interface for better performance and reliability. This app will also integrate with macOS accessibility features. Microsoft updated the terminology on the IDE to bring better consistency between the Mac and Windows versions of Visual Studio.

As mentioned above, the first preview of Visual Studio 2022 will be available this summer. And Microsoft will likely repeat this a few times before making a stable release.

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