Instagram’s Newest Feature, Remix Like Duet by TikTok

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Instagram's Newest Feature, Remix Like Duet by TikTok

The social network Instagram has officially launched a new feature called Remix. With this new feature, you can record Video Reel along with other users’ videos. Actually this option is similar to TikTok’s Duet feature which also allows you to react or interact with other people’s videos when creating your own video.

The photo and video-sharing social network Instagram launched a TikTok-style short video creation function called Reels last year. This feature allows users to record videos with a duration of approximately 15 seconds with sound and effects.

Instagram's Newest Feature, Remix Like Duet by TikTok

While Reels has a similar set of features to TikTok, Instagram continues to “learn” another key function of the Chinese music video platform, with the launch of Remix in Reels.

To allow you to create your own Reel videos on other users’ existing videos, Remix designed a similar feature on Duet TikTok. So you can record one clip alongside another as a kind of virtual collaboration. TikTok users who like to take up dance challenges or react to trending videos usually use this ability.

Try ‘Remix’ Duet Feature on Instagram

Instagram notes that Remix can help you record your reactions to other videos or collaborate with friends on the platform. To use the new feature, just tap on the 3 dot menu on the clip and select this Remix Reel. You can then make a video Reel alongside the video or upload the recorded clips. You will be able to follow who remixed your video via the Instagram Activity tab.

The Rexmix feature also offers several controls, one of which allows you to adjust the volume of the original video or your own video, as well as the voiceover. Apart from that, there are several video editing tools such as timers, effects and also speed.

Remix is ​​now available on the Instagram platform, and it will be enabled by default on all new stories posted from public accounts.

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