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Among Us is a multiplayer adventure game where you have to find a con artist among a crew. Or maybe you’d rather be a con who ends it?

Among Us is a game set in a giant spaceship with a very interesting gameplay. Namely a con man has disguised himself as a crew member and we have to identify who it is before he sabotages the rest of the crew.

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A multiplayer adventure game with an infiltrator

What’s really interesting about this game is that we found ourselves with a multiplayer game where the game has between 4 and 10 players. It can be played both on the local network and via Wi-Fi and in it one player will take on the role of an intruder to sabotage while the other has to investigate to identify and neutralize it.

among us pc

The first role is to be part of the crew, our goal is to complete assignments or find scammers. Therefore:

  • Complete all the tasks to prepare the ship or find the imposter.
  • React quickly and fix sabotage.
  • Check administrative maps and security cameras to keep an eye on other players.
  • Immediately report every case you find and try to find out who was involved in it.
  • Choose to ward off scammers.

But if you are second in role, the sabotage intruder, your goals will be different:

  • Get out the crew members.
  • Pretend you work to blend in with your friends and try to be inconspicuous.
  • Sabotage the ship to wreak havoc and divide the crew.
  • Close the door and kill the other members cleanly, without anyone knowing.

This is an entertaining game that combines concepts like strategy or puzzles with adventure. It also allows you to customize characters and communicate via text chat. And it is true that it is paid but it has been launched at a very low price and allows you to play simultaneously (cross-platform) with Android and iOS users.

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