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Why Should You Restart Your Phone Everyday?

You’re using your phone to do your work and have noticed it started to run slowly and even crashed....

May 2 · >

What is an exe file?

Files with the EXE extension are executable files that are used in operating systems such as Windows, MS-DOS, OpenVMS,...

Apr 27 · >

Microsoft Releases Visual Studio 2022

So according to the set plan, Microsoft has just officially announced Visual Studio 2022. Accompanying it is the first...

Apr 21 · >

Power Plan Adjustments Can Increase Laptop Battery Life

Windows power pack is very important in laptop management. There are a few things you need to do if...

Apr 18 · >

Google Image Search Tips

Google search is a daily necessity for many people. And of course image search on google also requires a...

Apr 16 · >

How to use the Likee app to create videos

Know how to make effective use of the video creation features of the Likee app. Users will easily add...

Apr 15 · >

TikTok Automatically Creates Subtitles for Videos

In an effort to make it easier for users to access their video social network. TikTok recently announced that...

Apr 12 · >

How to Disable Geolocation on Android

That Google can access our location at any time is a concern of many users who want to protect...

Apr 11 · >

Signal Private Messenger for PC

This is a desktop client for Signal Private Messenger, an app for iPhone and Android that ensures privacy by...

Apr 11 · >