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  • Reckless Rider Helicopter - Holi Sale
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  • Enter into Chopper action game, Fly in skies with u0026quot; Reckless Ride Helicopter u0026quot;
  • 3.1

Reckless Rider Chopper is a best adventurous racing arcade action challenging game & its absolutely free.
Fly racing through skies and run along the unlimited path, picking up coins, avoiding collisions & shooting missiles.
Navigate your helicopter, take full command over your chopper, be a master yourself and Challenge your friends to beat your score and achievements.
Boost your score by collecting precious coins.Collect Shield kits which will protect the chopper from the one attack. But it's probably best to avoid missile spikes all together. Remember, money is nothing without a long run.

You are provided unlimited with unlimited bullets & missiles to add more excitement to the game play.
This game has an exciting feel than any classical version of chopper games and proves to be more challenging.
It will take tons of courage and conquer the skies with your attention.
This game is highly recommended for you as you love racing, action, shooting, flying & running games.
Skillful play will be rewarded with Free Coins and Achievements.

- Super smooth graphics
- Simple controls
- Cool stunts
*Get it while it is free!
1. Tap the screen or hold to push the Chopper up
2. Release to come down
3. Avoid obstacles by flying around them
4. Run the chopper as long as you can without crashing

Practice your flight because the difficulty grows up in all Modes. Big challenges are available in next update with Action Mode, turn on the machine gun and prepare for the racing chopper shooting.. Enjoy!
We appreciate your ideas & suggestions via E-mail.
Thanks in advance.

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