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With TikTok for Windows you will be able to enjoy today’s music video social network. Watch short, viral videos from your computer desktop.

If you haven’t heard what TikTok is, you probably don’t belong in this world. Or you are more than a quarter century old. It is a social network that is emerging and receiving enthusiastic response from almost all ages.

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Managed to become a popular application among young people like Instagram or Snapchat at that time. In fact, even Facebook has made an alternative synonymous with Lasso, but it is unknown if there has been an attempt to fight opa like it was in its time with Snapchat.

We cannot deny that TikTok has become one of the current phenomena, able to rival the social networks that have ‘come’ first and make its way among the youngest.
Make short lipsinc videos or videos with music.

The secret behind TikTok’s success lies in its concept: users can record short videos and add music to them. Not only that, you can also edit them with filters, effects and paste them into each other. And when this is published on your profile, as was the case for example on Instagram, other users can comment and react, in addition to following the creator. And all this in seconds: in just under a minute, you can record a video and post it for all your followers. Interesting right?

tiktok pc
TikTok PC

Main features of the application:

  • Face recognition in image capture.
  • High quality in video recording and playback.
  • The most advanced technology today when it comes to editing and applying filters and effects.
  • There is a large music library that the app editor can choose from every day.
  • Create your user profile with your email, Google account or Facebook profile and follow other TikTokers.
  • Respond to content created by others and comment where appropriate.

And how to download TikTok for PC?

Unfortunately we don’t have a native TikTok app for Windows 10 yet, but if it does, don’t worry we will offer it so you can be the first to use it. Meanwhile we offer the most practical alternative so that you can use it on your desktop computer.

When you click the Download button, you will be directed to the LDPlayer page. You just need to install the emulator and once you run it, load the application files in it. It will be installed immediately and you will be able to run it as if you were doing it on Android or iPhone but with the comfort of being able to use the mouse and keyboard.

What’s new in the latest version

New effects have been added as novelties.
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