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Snapchat for PC allows you to send and receive image-based instant messages that can be accessed from your computer desktop and communicate with your friends.

There is hardly any young person on the planet who doesn’t know what Snapchat is. This image-based instant messaging app has become a buzz among the youngest smartphone users, bringing its meteoric success to the public and has even been glimpsed by Facebook for purchase.

(A delicious offer that its creators did not hesitate to reject in order to continue to maintain its independence and establish itself as a one of the most annoying apps for social media giant Mark Zuckerberg).

Photo based message

And the basic thing about this application is that you have to write text to communicate which is considered ancient. Then Snapchat offers its users to send pictures from the phone to say what they are saying, thereby conquering millions of users around it, both the world of Android and iPhone. Messages that are photos and any images in reality such as pictures or short videos with certain properties that disappear after 10 seconds. Or in this case the user himself can decide from the settings how long he wants their message to last.

Well, we know that sometimes it’s inconvenient to have to communicate exclusively and mobile app developers like WhatsApp or Telegram are already realizing their time and creating web and desktop versions of their services to keep them competitive. and increase our productivity. While there is no official version of Snapchat for PC, we do have a way to use it from a computer. Just click the Download button and LDPlayer emulator.

Main feature

The main functions and features of this version for PC are exactly the same as those on smartphones:

  • Send pictures and videos to your contacts (you can get them from your PC).
  • Add filters and effects to photos you send. Share short messages with your friends or group.
  • Follow the stories of your friends or other users, whether they are anonymous or famous.
  • Set the time you want your message to appear.
  • Receive a notification when a photo you send is taken by the recipient of the message.

Thanks to the interesting features provided by Snapchat, making this application easy for many young people and teens to communicate. It even makes a difference in how they use the social network: we found that this couldn’t be found from Facebook or Twitter. This uniqueness is what makes Facebook want to buy Snapchat.

For this reason, the company has come under fire from several of its rivals. Some have included several successful Snapchat functions, such as his stories, to try to compete with them.

What’s new in the latest version

Bug fixes and improvements.
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