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Until now, Android is still the most widely used mobile operating system. The operating system produced by Google is really capable of ‘infecting’ everyone in the world. Given the fast evolution that these devices have acquired. It is increasingly possible to find great games that can be played. But what if we can play these Android games on our PC? This is something we can do with LDPlayer.

One way to be able to play Android games on a Windows computer is by using an emulator. Thanks to the emulator, we can download all kinds of games and applications for mobile phones on our PC.

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We can use these games in the same way as if we run them on our smartphone and control them via our keyboard and mouse. Currently there are many Android emulators for Windows on the market, one of which is the famous LDPlayer.

What’s the point of installing LDPlayer on a Windows PC

The mobile device over the last few years has become an almost essential element for most of the users, as you will find out in person. In fact, over time, this has changed from just being a function of communicating with other people, to something that can be used for ‘anything’. With this, we would like to inform you that today’s mobile phones are an excellent source of entertainment for the majority of users. So, we installed all kinds of games on our Android or iOS devices which we used to relax for hours.

But of course, one of the biggest flaws we find here, we see it in the scaled-down screen of this product. That’s why PC applications like LDPlayer will be of great help to us. This allows us to enjoy our favorite apps and games on a bigger screen.

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All Android applications and games can be run on your PC with LDPlayer

LDPlayer is an emulator that we can use to ’emulate’ the Android system on our Windows computer. Able to provide comprehensive functions to achieve capable compatibility with everything any Android device would need.

With this tool one can enjoy an extraordinary gaming experience. Which allows us to play many of the latest video games. To do this, we can download pre-installed Android games and apps from the app store itself, LDStore, or from the Play Store itself.

This Android emulator will allow us to configure the controls to our liking, with the possibility of using a keyboard and mouse. We may also use any physical controls that are compatible with our computer. Apart from that, it has a high FPS rate and graphics for a better gaming experience, as well as the possibility to be able to open several games simultaneously. Very interesting, right?

The Android emulator is not suitable for older PCs

After we run LDPlayer, the main menu will appear where we will find the app store itself, as well as a folder called System Apps. In it we will find several shortcuts, such as Settings, Browser, File manager, Contacts, Play Games, Download, Gallery and Play Store. Of course this also depends on the strength of our computers and our Internet connection, guys.

To download apps or games, we can use the Play Store and the LDStore app store. Which are basically direct access to the Play Store for downloading. Apart from that, this app offers the possibility to install any Apk file. Just by dragging the file and dropping it in the LDPlayer window.

From the application store we can download all kinds of games that we want to like. As well as the most popular applications. Among the most popular games on the platform we find PUBG Mobile, Garena Free Fire, Among Us or Brawl Stars. To install it, it is only necessary to log into our Google account in the same way as if we were to do it from a mobile.

On the right side of the interface we will find a small toolbar, from which we can access Settings, configure the keyboard, raise or lower the volume, record or take screenshots or shortcuts to install the Apk, among other functions. Each of these functions also includes appropriate keyboard shortcuts.

In the Settings section we will have different configuration modes, here are the most important ones we have:

  • Advanced: from here we can configure the screen resolution, RAM or adjust the disk size and space available for downloading games and applications.
  • Model: IMEI, manufacturer and model of the device we emulated appeared.
  • Gaming: from this option it is possible to activate the frame rate, by default at 60 FPS, as well as several advanced options for the PUBG Mobile game.
  • Audio: in this section we can configure our microphone and speakers.
  • Shortcuts: from here you can configure keyboard shortcuts to access different parts of the application as you see fit.
  • Other Settings: here we can make other settings like rotating the screen, rotating it horizontally, blocking the window size, activating the LD tab or changing the language.

Download LDPlayer

LDPlayer is a free Android game emulator for PC which we can download from its website. Installation is fast and easy. To do this, we just need to run the downloaded file. And in seconds we will have it ready for use, without having to configure anything else.

Minimum requirements

Windows 7 operating system.
The graphics card is compatible with Windows DirectX 11 and OpenGL 2.0.
At least 2 GB of RAM.
2 GB of available disk space.
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