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Download SHAREit for PC for free

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Computer files were originally shared using removable memory storage devices. Although a USB storage drive can be used, it is often considered unsafe for sharing sensitive information. This is where the SHAREit app comes in as an excellent solution. You can use SHAREit for PC.

Completely secure free and wireless file sharing, in this article you will learn everything you need to know about this application. You’ll also know how to download SHAREit for PC so you can start sharing files more safely and faster without the need for an internet connection.

First of all, what is SHAREit?

SHAREit is a very safe and effective file sharing application available for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android operating systems. Therefore it can be used in computers and smartphones as well, and it is an electronic program which means eliminating the use of cables.

Connectivity and all the fuss we used before The program can download a wide variety of file types over a large area. Unlike movable disks, which are limited by space, and files transfer quickly.

This app provides a secure connection with other compatible devices within a certain physical distance. Much faster than the modern Bluetooth or NFC technologies that are often used for wireless file sharing. Shirat’s highlighting feature makes it inherently faster than Bluetooth and NFC and significantly safer than a USB Drive for sharing files.

Therefore, SHAREit for PC has become the best choice for professionals and hobbyists to share files without an internet connection, it uses the advanced Wi-Fi Direct technology to make cables, memory storage devices, and other file sharing technologies obsolete.

Specific information you should know about SHAREit

SHAREit was originally launched in 2015 but now has an impressive 1.5 billion users globally. This app has been ranked as one of the 10 best download apps on Google Play for more than 10 years now. Chirats are found on 1 in every 5 computers and smartphones worldwide. SHAREit started using Google’s excellent security metadata integration system, this ensures maximum security for P2P file sharing activities. Available in 40 international languages, including English, Arabic, Chinese, Hindi and many more.

SHAREit’s most important advantage

  • Efficiency: This application works on all common operating systems, allows users who use different operating systems to share files easily, you don’t need any kind of cable, traditional Wi-Fi or Internet connection and data plan to share the files you use, and also more faster and faster. Well-known of the modern wireless file sharing technologies in use today.
  • Compatibility: The app is designed to be used across multiple platforms, including Mac, iOS, Windows and Android which makes it universally compatible.
  • Portability: This application is ideal for sharing files offline between different devices, you can use it to share files between smartphone and computer and vice versa.
  • Easy: This application is excellent for sharing all file types and formats, from simple text files to large multimedia files and even applications. SHARE It for PC will allow you to share these files quite easily, besides that the user interface design is also easier for everyone to use and navigate.
  • Free: One of the main advantages of this app is that it is completely free to download and use.

Now that you know the important facts, features and benefits of using an application for computers, let’s learn how to download it and use it to share files faster and more securely anywhere, anytime.

How do I Install Shareit on a Computer?

Before you start downloading SHAREit for PC, you need to check the compatibility of your OS version, which is as follows:

Operating system: Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10.
Disk Space: 6.15MB.

Step by step steps to install SHAREit on PC

  1. After you double-click the file to play it, you may get a security notification pop-up message asking you to confirm your decision, in which case you just need to click the “Run” button on the panel.
  2. Again you will receive a pop-up notification asking you to confirm whether the application can make some changes to your device, here just click “Yes” to continue.
  3. Once you have done this you will see another popup window showing the current license agreement of use, which contains all the terms and conditions relevant to the use of SHAREIt, it is recommended that you read these terms and conditions before clicking “Accept” to continue installing SHAREIt for PC .
  4. After you accept the terms and conditions of use, your computer will ask you to select the location for the installation of the application. The default storage space for these applications is usually the C drive, but you can easily browse and select a disk or other storage location.
  5. Click the “Next” button to continue with the installation. The installation will also ask you to ask if you want to create a shortcut icon on the desktop for easy access, just tick the checkbox to create a shortcut to SHAREit on the computer desktop.
  6. Finally, the installation wizard on your system will ask you for a new panel after the installation is complete. In this panel, you can choose to run PC SHARES as soon as you finish the installation by checking the “Launch SHARES” box.
  7. Just click the “Finish” button in this panel to complete the installation and run the Shareit application on your computer. You will most likely get the last popup this time. This panel lists the application privacy policy, which is the standard procedure for all applications and programs. Especially those that have file sharing features.

How to use Shareit?

Now that you have successfully downloaded and installed Cherite for PC, it’s time to learn simple tips for using Shareit for PC:

  • The main page of the application allows you to connect to another computer or smartphone.
  • The “menu” is in the form of three horizontal lines in the upper right corner of the interface.
  • Clicking on this option will allow you to access features such as “Connecting to a Computer”, “Settings”, “About”, “Trusted Devices”, and similar options.
  • The profile can be accessed easily from the bottom left corner where you will see a small “avatar” with your username, just click on the avatar to change it and change your profile according to your needs.
  • These options are the same for SHAREIt users on computers and smartphones, you can choose to use the program from your computer to connect to another computer or smartphone, you can also use the program on your mobile smartphone to connect to another smartphone or to a computer.

There are two phases of sharing files using USHAREit, connecting and sharing.

How do I contact SHAREit?

If you want to transfer files between your computer and smartphone using an application, you must connect your computer to the smartphone to share files from your computer.

To do so, simply select to click the “Search Mobile Hotspot” option from the section below the username and password on the interface. This will start searching for all available smartphone devices that have SHARE enabled. This option is useful if you want to Connect your PC to the smartphone using Wi-Fi Direct only.

Alternatively, you can choose to scan the QR code provided by the interface to ensure a faster connection between your PC and smartphone.

After selecting the option for the connection between the computer and smartphone, the connection is established immediately.
After both devices are notified that the connection has been established, it becomes very easy to share files between the computer and smartphone using SHAREit.

Once the connection is made, the interface opens into a simple panel with an effective “drag and drop” mode.
You can easily browse the media folders on your computer and select one or more files to send to your smartphone.

After file sharing is complete, you will get a confirmation of the activity with details in the “History” pane.
It’s a complete and fast way to share files between different devices without the need for Bluetooth and NFC devices and removable storage devices, such as USB drives.

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