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BIGO LIVE Live Streaming is a social network that allows you to reach your friends by broadcasting live streaming videos.

Social networks are constantly evolving these days, bringing new forms of offering to users. We have a great example of this on BIGO LIVE Live Transmission, a social network that allows broadcasting of videos in streaming, quickly, directly and very easily via mobile, or from a PC or Mac, thanks to emulation.

Initially, this application was designed so that every user can show the talents they have. However, not all free content is broadcast live through this application. For example sexual content or smoking, or other things that are prohibited. If someone is still determined to break these rules, they usually only last a short time online.

A very lively social network

It offers a simple interface, where we can instantly access any online user by simply clicking on their profile photo. Can switch from one user to another by swiping the screen at any time. In streaming, we will have the possibility to send messages directly, share them on social networks, take screenshots or view the guest list of users, who will be able to broadcast the video at the same time as if it were a video call. Very suitable for those of you who are lonely.

It should be noted that the monitoring of each user can be rewarded with a virtual gift, which becomes a “seed” that makes the user level up, thus gaining popularity and moving up the rankings. Nowadays, the collected seeds can be exchanged for real money, which creates an incentive for discovering new ways to surprise, to gain followers.
Become famous, be a star LIVE

In addition, we can access online search, find people close to our location, users who have recently connected or who are most popular. On the other hand, we will have tags to instantly search for men, women, stars or DJs for example.

The platform also has a place to stream live games played by gamers, one can find rounds of LOL, DOTA 2 or Guild Wars 2, among other games.

If we want to broadcast, we just have to press the middle button in the menu, create our own channel and start attracting followers.

What does Bigo Live allow us to do?

  • Check out the list of popular stars.
  • Connect with thousands of users. Live broadcast from anywhere.
  • Create virtual gifts with animation. Invite friends to join as a group.
  • Access exclusive promotions and gifts.
  • Make money.
  • Share photos in private chat.
  • Parental guidance.

What’s new in the latest version

New feature for filtering results on the "Explore" page.
Added "Challenge" function.
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